Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What Happened That Night

So, as previously mentioned, Lauren and I were out in Denver for Halloween. The Wiz had a party at her house and Lauren and I ended up playing a classic game of High/Low with Cookie Monster and Elmo (we went as Daisy and Donald Duck BTW), actually, let me explain that first...we had borrowed these costumes from Double L. These things are so large (and in-charge) that they required their own giant red SUITCASE. So as we were checking them in Vegas, Lauren said, "Wouldn't it be funny if the ducks didn't make it there?" Can you guess what happened next?

We arrive in Denver and get our suitcases but no ducks. There was another red suitcase that hadn't been picked up going round and round on the carousel so we assumed that the owner of that case had taken ours instead. So we took matters into our own hands, pulled the other red suitcase off and proceeded to call the woman whose number was listed on the baggage tag. As Lauren is leaving a message, I say "Tell her there are giant ducks inside" and I am dying laughing, which causes Lauren to start laughing and THEN come to find out, that lady just hadn't picked up her bag yet so we left that message for nothing. So we have to file a claim, etc. etc. and when the guy asks me if there are any unique contents inside, I die as I say, "Um yes, two giant duck costumes." They were delivered safe and sound that night to the house.

So, back to Cookie Monster and Elmo high/low face-off. I am HORRIBLE at this game. Seriously, if you're ever looking to get me plastered QUICK for whatever reason...pull out a deck of cards and challenge me to a game of high/low. For the life of me I could not guess higher or lower or red or black for HALF THE DECK. I took down a full pear cider in about 3 minutes and this was after I'd already been drinking. (and yes, I am getting somewhere with this story)...

Daisy and I had to escort one another to the bathroom to assist getting out of these duck costumes. So here we are, a few hours into the night, I unzip Lauren and go to lean against the wall. Now, you know how when you're drunk, you don't gently lean into anything, you fall into it, well come to find out, this wall that I went to lean against...was actually a shower curtain. So back I went, duck feet in the air, using my elbows to break my fall. And seriously, that duck butt saved my life, I would've done some major damage to my tailbone had it not be protected by feathers. So Lauren is trying to pull me out of the tub with her duck costume around her ankles, both of us are crying from laughter (and some pain on my part) as someone comes to open the door which sends us into even more laughter. Then having to come out and explain "what happened in there?" to everyone.

I couldn't bend my elbows for three days. I'm surprised I don't have a photo to post here to show you b/c that is totally something I would do (see my first crash post). But the elbows are healed and the duck costumes are safely back with their rightful owner.

I love Halloween.

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