Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My First Crash

Don't worry guys, I'm AOK. I just had a little wreck last night. J Man and I decided to cruise on our bikes to see Branmuffin which is about 17 miles round trip. At mile 16, I got a little lazy and went to stretch while riding and locked up my back breaks and took a dive forward resulting in my worst injury since the scratch from Allie in March 2007.


Pep said...

DISCLAIMER: I just want all readers to know that I did not raise her to be such a whiny princess. How's the dreaded "rash", honey?

Arlene said...

Okay so WOW! Hope you're better and ummm stop sending e-mails to my gmail account as I check it maybe once a month and I just saw that you wanted me to join your Booby Team as well as starting this blog. I'm a little late but that's what happens when peeps e-mail me on gmail. Miss you! LOVE YOU!