Friday, May 2, 2008

Jesse McCartney: The New N'Sync?

I was driving home the other night and a song my baby intern, Sara, had played for me a few times came on the radio. I found it to be catchy before so I turned it up and FELL IN LOVE. I thought it may have been the three glasses of wine I had over mother/daughter night so I came to work the next day, found the song on myspace and haven't stopped listening to it since. So it's official, Jesse McCartney's 'Leavin' is my current jam.

Now for those of you who are unaware of my past, I was a HUGE N'Sync fan. Renee and I once learned all the moves to Bye-Bye-Bye so her dad would buy us tickets to the show. There's something about Disney pop that just hits my soul like none other.

Here is the link to Mr. McCartney's myspace (yes, its hysterical to call him Mr. since he's like 12 1/2) just in case you are curious.

Determine for yourself (after 3 or 4 listens, the first 2 are just a warm-up) Jesse the new (I can't bring myself to say Justin but let's say...) JC?

1 comment:

skizzybizzybingbang said...

holy moly. he's so young and dirrty.
i feel like so wrong for watching. why do you do this kind of stuff to me?