Friday, July 8, 2011

Discovering Denver #9: Camp Anywhere and Everywhere

Ok so I haven't quite gotten to the "everywhere" part of this one but I did go camping in Colorado two weeks ago. Alongside my partners in crime, I headed to Geneva campgrounds at 9,800 feet. I was warned to bring warm clothes. And lots of beer.

After loading up the four-wheelers in Evergreen, we took the trip up and over the mountains. As we kept driving, I couldn't help but think "You're not in Vegas anymore" - snow on the side of the roads in late June? Trees and greenery for as far as the eye could see? I took it all in and then pitched my tent. Well, Michael pitched my tent - but I was there to assist!

We spent the day hiking around, drinking those beers and chasing the dogs down. I rode a four-wheeler for the first time in my life and was loving it! I, of course, preferred the one that drove more like a car but that was only because I felt more comfortable there putting the petal to the metal.

Hiking through the back forest and watching the sunset through the trees was honestly one of the most beautiful views I have ever seen.

There was something incredibly refreshing about being totally disconnected from the world for two days. No Facebook, no blog, no cell service. Just good friends, breathing taking views, cold beers and lots of dogs.

Temperatures dropped at night but it wasn't unbearable...between a few layers and some s'mores - we made out A.O.K.

We were woken up early by the sun and spent a few hours enjoying the fresh air before heading back to civilization. Not before, of course, I drove my car up on to a tree stump**.


**special thanks to Josh and Michael for, once again, saving my ass and getting me off that tree stump thanks to a jack, neutral and some manpower.

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Renee Losey said...

I am so happy that I get to live vicariously through you! I have wanted to go camping forever! Go at least twice more this summer for me :)