Thursday, October 8, 2009

When Life Gives You Lemons...

My mom picked up this pitcher for me last weekend and I am absolutely in love with it. I cannot wait to make a large batch of ice tea to pour out of it!

I've had quite the week (again). Our little Gordie boy got sick Sunday morning. His symptoms were "coming out of both ends" (sorry!) and he was REAL lethargic, we went to Pep's on Sunday and he wasn't even interested in playing with Darby and Allie. He just laid and laid and laid. Until I was asleep and then he cried and cried and cried. So we had a pretty rough night which ended up with him at the vets, staying over so they could monitor him. The good news is, he is now home with me and seems to be on the road to recovery. $500 on the pup in the last week.

Then my Jeannette the Jeep started giving me troubles. Whenever the car was idling, the oil pressure gage would go all the way down to zero and my check gages light would DING and light up. This happened EVERY. TIME. I. STOPPED. And since my dog was sick, I couldn't be without a car so I heard that dinging a lot (two words, Wiz) this week. However, dropped the car off this morning, got it fixed. $200.

Dentist DRAMA. Apparently my old dentist (for those of you who live in Las Vegas, never ever ever ever go to Dr. Trobough...he is a shady shady man) never put my crown on correctly for the root canal he did on me last year. Now, since the crown never fit, I've got an infection under there and need to replace the crown. Insurance does not replace crowns that are less than 60 months old. It's been about 14 on this one. Which means, unless Dr. Ahole decides to pay up, I'll have to cover 100% of the cost of the crown. Either way, as of this week, $550 at the dentist.

Yesterday was a reeeaaallll joy. It all started when I tripped walking up the stairs at work. Then, at lunch, I decided to go home, relax and make a PB&J. I got all the way home and up my three flights of stairs to realize that I left my keys sitting on my desk at work. So, Ok. I go get some Chipotle instead. It's a nice day out, I'll sit and read my Entertainment Weekly but OH WAIT I TOOK IT OUT OF MY PURSE THIS MORNING. Ok. I guess I'll come and eat my lunch at my desk. Get back to work to realize I'm locked out of my office because, again, KEYS ARE SITTING ON MY DESK.

Oh and I haven't made out in nearly THREE MONTHS. Sorry, Dad.

So you know that pitcher up top there. Yeah, scratch the iced tea...Renee is coming over tonight and I plan on filling it with red red wine and sipping the night away.


Asian Spice said...

My dentist is Mormon, his name is Dr. Simister. He is awesome, honest and right by the Meadows Mall. Nicest guy EVER and never overcharges. Haven't had cavities since I've been going to him.

Let me know if you need his number.

Hugs to you. TGIF!

x said...

Dude. Way to call out your dentist. I knew you were gangsta! :)