Monday, October 26, 2009

OMG You Guys...I've Missed YOU!

Ah, life. It's been a little hectic lately. Ok, well for the past few months. I can tell you that every single day I think to myself "I've got to write on HSCOOC, I've got to blog about something FAB for all of my 16 readers." And then I get a call or someone is leaving town, or coming into town or hey, I'm gonna leave town or I'm working an event, and hey, the girl left the show, OH WAIT THE CACTUS LIGHTING IS ALMOST HERE. And in between all of that time, I get to do school work. And yell at Gordon.
But I promise to get back on track, I've got so much to say (as always).

In the meantime, will you forgive me if I post some really cute pictures of Jordyn Love? You see, I babysat the little cutie a couple weeks back and have been waiting for her to sign this release so I could post pictures of her (her career as a struggling artist is really blowing up big time).

She has been super busy with a number of important things, like learning how to count to four, getting ready for BH2 and potty training. Maybe she could come over and teach Gordon a thing or two since we're REGRESSING.

And, just for the record, I did not think she could possibly stick the whole banana in her mouth but THEN SHE DID.


Anonymous said...

How can I sign that adorable little girl to a modeling contract? And that coloring???? Wow, she's talented. She must have one amazing mother.

Anonymous said...

BTW, that kid needs a haircut!

x said...

This kid's got talent! Jake would totally sign her to his imaginary Cute Kids Talent Agency. Long story.