Friday, April 4, 2008

Top 3 Pop Culture Moments of My Life

Let's do it countdown style...

3. Jack and Kate: Congratulating Matthew Fox on his Golden Globe nomination for LOST at The Art Bar.

Story: I was at the Hard Rock one night with Nicole (yes, I realize this could have been any night from 2002-2005) and I checked my cell to find 21 missed calls from Linzi Gizzle. Desperate to get a hold of me to tell me that Matthew Fox of my favorite-show-ever LOST was at The Art Bar watching some weird goth-hippy band BY HIMSELF. I immediately left the Hard Rock and drove to The Art Bar. Now for those of you who do not know, The Art Bar is the epitome of dive bars. But yeah, in that cool way. So I get there and there he is. Smoking cigarettes in the corner, sipping on a Miller Lite. It took everything I had not to yell "JACK!" or ask him 'Where's Walt?' (this was right after season one ended for you fellow Lost fans.) Instead, I watched (like a stalker) from afar and waited until he was in the middle of a conversation with the lead singer to awkwardly approach him and stand there until they were done. I then apologized (I'm so polite) and told him what a huge fan I was of the show and congratulated him on the shows Golden Globe nomination. I did not ask take a photo (IDIOT!) and do not remember if we touched or not. I would like to think we did.

2. Katie: Justin! Justin Timberlake: Hi.

Story: Justin Timberlake is who I listen to when I am getting a root canal. That is how much this man soothes my soul. The date: February 14, 2005. Location: The Hard Rock (Surprised?) Nicole and I were meeting Brandon to do a little booty-shaking at Body English. When we arrived, Brandon was talking to some dude and Brandon said "Bro, you gotta tell my girl who you were just playing blackjack with..." Dude goes, "Uh, Justin Timberlake?" WHAT?!? WHERE?!?? Dude,"Over there." I dash to the high roller tables and my jaw drops. There, sitting 15 feet from me was JT. In the flesh. Now this is before Hard Rock got all gay on me and put up glass around the high-roller room (probably to stop girls like me from doing stuff like this...) After standing there for not nearly long enough (30 minutes or so), we go inside Body English. I made a promise to myself that if he was still there when I came out of da club, I would have to say something. Sure enough, 2.5 hours later, Justin was still playing. There was something different at this hour though, he must've lost a couple grand because he was. not. happy. He was pacing back and fourth and I eventually yelled "Justin!", you know like we were old friends and I had just run into him in Vegas. He turned and said "Hi." Justin Timberlake was my Valentine. 2005.

1. Kanye and Katie at The 2007 VMA's

Story: Through a website called, I scored tickets to a private VMA party hosted by Kanye West. Jenner and I headed to The Palms on Friday, September 7th and were escorted up to The Bowling Suite in the Fantasy Tower with about 50 other MTV kids. There they provided us with free alcohol and snacks (I LOVE SNACKS) Around 10 p.m. or so, after standing in the room for 3 hours, they led us up to The Hugh Hefner Sky Villa. This place was amazing. Outside, on the top of the Fantasy Tower, they had a runway set up where my moment would later take place. Cameras, more alcohol and Stronger glasses told me we were in for quite the experience. Kanye's Graduation album was supposed to be released the following week but I had gotten my hands on a leaked copy so I knew all the words to his new songs. He came down the stairs starting with 'Touch the Sky' and man, did I lose it. I'm sure he was wondering what this little white girl was doing shaking her thing and singing along to his unreleased tunes but HE LOVED IT. When Stronger came on, we all put on the glasses and my first appearance on the VMA's happened Time: 3 minutes, 39 seconds then Jenner and I make an appearance again at about 2 minutes, 20 seconds. The energy was something like I'd never experienced before, that man has a way of hyping up a crowd that is UNREAL (although I'm sure the alcohol helped a bit as well.) That could've been it. But it wasn't. Picture this: Outside, 80 degrees, a little tipsy, on top of the Fantasy Tower at the Palms in Las Vegas...'The Good Life'? There couldn't have been a better song for a better moment. Time: 37 seconds. Synchronized dance moves? You betcha.

And that. that moment. Topped it all.

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