Friday, March 7, 2008

Google Alert: Katie Knoch

Lauren and I got to talking about "Googling" this a.m. When you Google her name, a short bio from her semester abroad comes up with photo attached. It's unfortunate that something she wrote at age 16 is the first thing that comes up when potential employers, people to date or stalkers Google her. But hey, at least it's a conversation starter.

For work, I receive daily Google alerts for clients at the agency. I decided to add my own name to that list and there is this Katie Knoch of Chico, CA that is such a SUPERSTAR. 3-4 times a week I get emailed an announcement that she's won another swim meet (she's like a fish.) And she can write. Check out today's alert.

Katie Knoch of Marigold Elementary School is this month’s winning essayist, nominating her teacher for Teacher of the Month: "I would like to nominate Steve Andes, my 4th Grade teacher, because he is a great teacher, and he is funny and patient when kids ask questions. He always makes everything fair. He is nice to all the kids, and it is the best school year ever."

Katie Knoch of Marigold Elementary should probably start her own blog.


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Why do you think I made fun of what happened to your face in an accident in high school? #seriousquestion