Monday, June 10, 2013

The 30/30 Experience

Here we are. Another June. Another Monday. Another summer. But all with a new decade!
This past Friday, on the seventh of June, I turned 30. I tried to do so with as much grace, humor and hope as possible but I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't feeling the weight of this milestone birthday. My 20s were incredible, I wouldn't even know where to begin to describe the growth and lessons I learned over the past ten years. From parties to new friends to falling in and out of love to establishing myself in my career to the move to Denver, there's not a single moment I would take back or change, for better or for worse. Every step, every relationship, every dance move, got me to where I am today.

I woke up on Friday realizing that although people had told me I'd wake up, feeling the same but I actually woke up thinking "This is the first day of my 30s" and that felt pretty big. So good thing I had some big plans for the day, starting with meeting Linz to pickup four dozen balloons for my rooftop soiree. Post balloon drop-off, we headed to Jelly for a brunch where we drank champagne and ate donut holes which was exactly what I had in mind. Post brunch, we got right into party prep mode (mimosas included). I was a slightly stressed case come 6:30p but once everyone started showing up and I was able to smile at the decor, pour myself a drink and take in the views, I realized everything had actually come together exactly how I wanted it. There were balloons and candles everywhere, peonies set as center pieces, (the very best) DJ/Karaoke and everyone was dressed in white.

It was either the wedding I never had in my 20s or a killer party by Diddy (just replace the Hamptons with the Denver skyline.)

Then, as the sun set, the drinks continued to flow and the music got louder, my friends got up and sang me Tiny Dancer.

I almost collapsed from the overwhelming cry that overcame me as soon as I heard the first few notes (I can't even imagine if Carl Knoch had been there to see it happen). So beautiful and so incredibly thoughtful. Truly the highlight of my night. Although it was followed by many more....I mean who doesn't love a group of champagne soaked girls singing "Hold On" by Wilson Phillips?

The night was the perfect kickoff to this new beginning. Filled with friends and songs and lots of hugs (and an afterparty at the Squire with Mark Star Karaoke). The fun continued throughout the weekend with new friends on a Barcycle adventure Saturday night and a sun soaked picnic at Jazz in the Park. #goodtobeback

For a split second in May, I wasn't sure if the place where I am is the place I am supposed to be but of course it is. I'm right where I'm supposed to be. This place is at least the start of where/what 30 is and I'm totally embracing it.

I was blushing over the amount of thoughtful birthday wishes. The one that really got me? From Benneton member, Xazmin .....

"My girl, my Colorado cutie, my blonde beauty, my PR princess, and above all, my Benneton babe: Welcome to your 30s. Here, you will find perspective, most notably on your 20s. Prepare to see the world, and all the silly men who fill it, with clarity. I love you, girlfriend. Very happy to know you and call you a friend. Miss you terribly. Hope your birthday is every bit as beautiful as you are. It didn't fall on a Friday for nothin', woman. Go get it. Go get your 30s."

I couldn't think of a better way to view it. Watch out, 30s cause I'm here and ready for you. And we're off to a pretty fantastic start.

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