Thursday, September 13, 2012


As you know, it was my goal to travel abroad before the age of 30 and in March of this year, Chlo and I made that happen by booking our upcoming trip to London this fall.

We've been busy planning (you should see this Google Doc....) with plans to do the London Eye, catch a play in the West End, tour Stonehenge and even catch a Denver bend across the pond with tickets to see the Lumineers.

It's going to be an amazing first trip and I'm excited to say that it'll be the first of two as Chloe and I recently booked a trip to Iceland for March 2013.

If you're like my parents, boss or maybe even anyone else that knows me - you just went, "Say WHAT?"

Iceland has become all the rage here in Denver since the launch of Icelandair here last Spring. My friends Bill and Cam went in May and after seeing their pictures and hearing about their travels, I went "That's ICELAND?!" And just like that - I was intrigued.

So when a(nother) TravelZoo deal came through my inbox, and one that had one of my 100 built in to it, I forwarded it to Chloe and within 48 hours - we had our second trip booked. Read the below and tell me that you would have turned it down:
Day 3:  Morning on your own.  11:30am departure on from Reykjavik on tour.  Head through the scenic south coast of Iceland, dotted with farmlands, waterfalls and mountains. There will be a stop for lunch (not included)  The goal is a glacier.  Strap on crampons and take an ice pick for a guided walk on a glacier.   A safe and easy walk takes you through a wonderland of ice sculptures, ridges and deep crevasses.   Afterwards, as night falls, head for the charming Country Hotel Anna for a delicious traditional Icelandic dinner made with local ingredients.   Located on the site of a traditional Icelandic farm, Country Hotel Anna is named after the woman who grew up here:  Anna Jonsdottir.  She became a world traveler and adventurer in the early 20th century, writing popular books for Icelanders about her experiences.  An exhibit at the hotel commemorates her travels.

Afterwards, head out in the tour vehicle searching for glimpses of the elusive, beautiful Northern Lights.  The route changes based on best conditions for sightings.  Note-  Northern lights are a natural phenomenon and weather dependent. (Best weather conditions are cold, clear nights)  Northern Lights sightings are not guaranteed. 
Glacier hike? Northern Lights? The Blue Lagoon? Guess who's excited!

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