Monday, August 13, 2012

Crab Feast

Saturday brought the 2nd Annual Cousin Day at Water World followed by the Inaugural 'I Got Crabs at Andy's House!'

The first just involved two 29-year-olds running around a water park on a Saturday afternoon. The second involved a group of friends from all over Denver, with a few of us residing from the east coast originally, getting together to crack a few crabs and a few laughs on a summer night.

We had shipped the crabs straight from the source - Maryland. 78 Blue Crabs arrived, pre-steamed (thank God) and pre-seasoned in Old Bay (but don't worry, we had extra). My dad had shipped us Utz Potato Chips (Original and Crab) and even a few editions of the York Daily Record and the Baltimore Sun. We ate crabs off of Michael Phelps abs. How was your Saturday?

Of course, about 6 minutes in to the feast - it starts to spit on us and then the thunder starts to roll in. Andy declared, "We're not moving!" but as the paper (and our hair, jeans, etc.) began to soak, it was decided we could, indeed, go inside.

As the moans and groans took place from our feast being disrupted by Mother Nature, Graham promised us a rainbow at the end and well, he came through.

And yes, that is the view from Andy's new house. I swore to him that I would never again give him a hard time for living in Westminster. The house is amazing. And I cannot wait to spend Christmas there this year.

Three hours later (not an exaggeration, have you ever sat down to a crab feast?), with Old Bay on our fingertips and bellies full of crab (a few of us even suffered a few minor injuries - freakin' claws), we decided that this needed to be a yearly tradition.

Next year we just need a few less crabs or a few more people - you in?


Pep said...

I'm in! Love the pictures.....what a fun day.

aunt K said...

Great write-up Kate. I can almost smell that great aroma of Old Bay and bleeding fingers ( darn claws). Great pics too. Love ya! aunt Karen