Thursday, June 14, 2012

Almost 30.

I turned 29 on June 7. Newsflash, right? Which, basically - is almost 30.

28 was supposed to be a magical year. And to be fair, there was plenty of magic to go around. 28 allowed me to get my feet sturdy on the ground in Denver, be a maid-of-honor, learn to ride my bike in the city, introduced me to a ton of new friends, got me back on a pair of skis and most of all, brought plenty of love in (and out) of my life.

I was happy to see 29 knockin' on my door and celebrated in true KK fashion (aka a week's worth of events). It started with wine flights at Cru in Larimer Square on Monday with the Scream team. Tuesday, my two dads took me to a delicious dipping dinner at Vesta. Wednesday, Langhorne Slim at the Bluebird to end 28 on a tambourine bangin' note and I rang in 29 with a mimosa brunch with Linz at Steuben's. June 7 carried on to a cheese/champagne picnic in the Botanic Gardens and wrapped with a group dinner with my new Denver family at Stella's and a stumble home from Streets of London.

 Oh, and then - we danced. Friday night, my Den girls and I hit up Lipgloss at Beauty Bar. Club Monster Katie would be proud to know that I am 29 and still dancin' until closing time.

Also, back on Memorial Day week - right after my last post, I saw Bon Iver at Red Rocks. You guys, I had joked about going to Red Rocks to see Bon Iver and crying and then I went to Red Rocks to see Bon Iver and cried.

Seriously, best performance I've ever seen. Hands down. If you ever have the opportunity to see him live - do it. And I know what you're thinking - Bon Iver = nap time but he doesn't. He had at least a 12 piece band with him and rocked. the. place. out. And apparently, the tears. Seriously, I've never been so moved.

And I hope to look back on 29 and be able to say the same. I want this to be the year that moves me. The year that moves me boldly and confidently in to 30. And also, I'd like to keep all the love IN the door this year.

Here's to movin'.....


AsianSpice said...

Cheers to you Ham!

X said...

You could teach a lesson on How to Properly Celebrate Your Birthday. You're very good at it!

katiek said...

Thanks, Benneton! I totally plan to throw 30 parties for my 30th so at least 22 of them will involve you two! Consider yourselves warned! Love yous.

Anonymous said...

Miss your blog.

katiek said...

Anon, I don't know how you manage to do that but I literally had just pressed published on a new post - YAY!