Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Perfection.

Words cannot begin to describe.

Congratulations to the royal couple - Princess Kate Elizabeth and Prince William.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

My First Place

As my new place is coming together - I thought it was time to look back at my very first place. And all of it's clutter. Seriously so much clutter. I remember moving out of 7151 S Durango, thinking I'll never live like this again. I dumped a lot of stuff before loading up the storage unit for Denver.

My new apartment is about 100 square feet smaller than my last and I still have a lot of work to do. Once it is complete, I will, of course, share with you.

7151 S Durango holds so many fine (and some not so fine) memories for me, including:

The very first day of moving two buildings over after Ann and I moved out.
Bringing Sir Gordon home.
Ordering prints on Etsy to decorate.
SSFS with Renee.
Sitting on the balcony with Ann for hours the night I broke up with Superchump.
Pool days with Lobo.
Bear fixing my bed by putting 900 screws it in.
Panda picking me up at the gate for many occasions.
Pre-gaming kickball with Kid Sis.
Linzi and Josh staying over with Gordon sleeping on their heads.
Studying for school.
Cooking. Or at least attempting to.
Dance party in the living room the day MJ died.
Midnight stop-ins from Spadoni.
Getting ready for Britney with Anika Jones.
PayPie Sienna-sitting for me and sending me photos of him dressed as Max.
Nights by myself, on the couch, with fro yo and Gossip Girl and feeling so content.
Dropping off rent, in person, every month, to my Long Island landlords - Corky and Joanne.
Lying in bed, realizing it was time to leave Vegas.

So yes, it may have been cluttered with junk but it was also cluttered with memories. I love you, 7151 S Durango, you were a fantastic first place.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Welcome to Colorado

Welcome to your new home, Sienna Miller.
For those of you who do not know, I left a part of my heart back in Vegas with Pep when I decided to leave Sienna behind for the first part of the move. She, like most cats, does not do well with change so I figured the less I had to put her through, the better. So when Carl and I went to load up the UHaul, we also loaded up the cat and brought her to Colorado.

She is enjoying the new place - especially since there are currently boxes everywhere for her to climb in and out of. Her only complaint? She can't get in the claw foot tub to go #2. Don't worry - she hasn't decided to start acting like a lady by using the litter box for #2 - no, no - she is just going on the bathmat.

Sigh. Oh, Sienna.

Regardless of where she decides to unload - I am so happy to have the three of us back together in our new home.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Discovering Denver: #3 Get a Pancake Flight at Snooze

Andy and I have been eating pancakes together since we were old enough to tear them apart and stuff them in our mouths. One of my greatest memories of all time is watching that boy eat 4 dozen dollar pancakes at Uncle Bill's in Stone Harbor, NJ.

So when Andy called asking if I wanted to do breakfast Saturday morning at Snooze before a trip to REI- I was all over it - "I'm getting the Pancake Flight - it's on my list!"

Snooze is THE CUTEST breakfast place I have ever seen. Very retro, with a friendly staff, killer coffee mugs (I even inquired about purchasing one but changed my mind at the $18 price tag) and pancakes done right. They were totally worth the 40 minute wait - especially since the wait comes with unlimited self-service at the coffee and water station.

For my flight - I got original (you know me), Chocolate Chip (you know me again) and Red Velvet. I loved the variety. Best. Idea. Ever. And so PRETTY! Next time, we'll be sure to order the Mimosas, too as we were seated at the bar and it sounds like they offer quite the variety in that arena, too.

Monday, April 11, 2011


This past week I was in Vegas for all of 15 hours. I flew in on Wednesday night where I met up with my nearest and dearest at Chicago for a few drinks - thank you to all who came out on a school night after 11 p.m. to visit with yours truly....Lord knows we're not all 22 was lovely to see your faces.

Thursday morning, we packed up the Uhaul (thanks for your muscles, Ann...really took me back to shipment days at HotCats!) - had lunch and then Carl, Sienna and I hit the road. It was a father and daughter road trip across 3 states. Sienna didn't stop meowing the entire ride, poor thing. We stayed in Grand Junction that night and hit the road for the last leg of the trip Friday morning. Dad was smart enough to bring his iPod with his radio adapter along so we were riding along to hits from Joe Cocker, Elton John, Rod Stewart, ABBA and James Taylor. Thankfully, Vail Pass didn't fail me this time and we made it in 4 hours to Denver - just in time to sign my lease and get my keys!

Friday night Dad and I hit up Crossroads with the Wicklers where w shot a little pool, ate some food, shot some bucks and enjoyed a cold one or three. Saturday was rise and shine day for the big move. BIG shout-outs to my moving crew of the my dad, the Wicklers and good 'ol Michael Granquist - who had sworn he would never move me again after the whole two flights down, 200 yards over and three flights up move of '08 but as luck may have it, I followed him across states and he could not deny my plea. And bribe of Sexy Pizza and Beer.

We got done within 90 minutes. But my work is far from done. I was able to Gordon-proof the place last night so I go to pick up that guy tonight to finally reunite him with his big sister and walks in the park.

Plenty of posts to come over the next few weeks as I explore my new neighborhood. I started today by biking to work.

Goodbye hour long commute - hello 15 minute bike ride.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Preview of Summer

Yesterday it was 78 and sunny so we spent the day on the deck.

Grilling + Beer + Jell-O shots (yes, we took it back to '03) + Poker Night =

Summer, we are officially ready for you.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Discovering Denver: #2 Eat Girl Scout Cookies at My Brother's Bar

I got two marked off the Discovering Denver list yesterday.

The first one I share with you is my visit to My Brother's Bar.

Yesterday was not only opening day for the Rockies but it was also Denver's first absolutely beautiful day of the year. And it happened to be Friday. And it also happened to be my first pay day since January 1.

We decided to celebrate all of the above by meeting for Happy Hour at My Brother's Bar. It was a perfect day to sit on their vined-out patio, drink beer and eat Girl Scout Cookies.

Then again - what day isn't perfect for that combination?