Thursday, April 28, 2011

My First Place

As my new place is coming together - I thought it was time to look back at my very first place. And all of it's clutter. Seriously so much clutter. I remember moving out of 7151 S Durango, thinking I'll never live like this again. I dumped a lot of stuff before loading up the storage unit for Denver.

My new apartment is about 100 square feet smaller than my last and I still have a lot of work to do. Once it is complete, I will, of course, share with you.

7151 S Durango holds so many fine (and some not so fine) memories for me, including:

The very first day of moving two buildings over after Ann and I moved out.
Bringing Sir Gordon home.
Ordering prints on Etsy to decorate.
SSFS with Renee.
Sitting on the balcony with Ann for hours the night I broke up with Superchump.
Pool days with Lobo.
Bear fixing my bed by putting 900 screws it in.
Panda picking me up at the gate for many occasions.
Pre-gaming kickball with Kid Sis.
Linzi and Josh staying over with Gordon sleeping on their heads.
Studying for school.
Cooking. Or at least attempting to.
Dance party in the living room the day MJ died.
Midnight stop-ins from Spadoni.
Getting ready for Britney with Anika Jones.
PayPie Sienna-sitting for me and sending me photos of him dressed as Max.
Nights by myself, on the couch, with fro yo and Gossip Girl and feeling so content.
Dropping off rent, in person, every month, to my Long Island landlords - Corky and Joanne.
Lying in bed, realizing it was time to leave Vegas.

So yes, it may have been cluttered with junk but it was also cluttered with memories. I love you, 7151 S Durango, you were a fantastic first place.

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Renee Losey said...

Can't wait to see the new place!