Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What's a Katie?

So Facebook is playing this little game today where you put the definition of your name, based on Urban Dictionary, as your Status Update. Curiosity got the best of me and well, it pretty much made my day. Next to the premiere of LOST tonight, that is. And Oscar nominations announced. And this. And having a killer lunch with the PR girls and their new babies! Wow. What a FANTASTIC Tuesday this has turned out to be.

Ok, so what is a Katie, you ask?

Definition #1: A happy person who is a good listener and reliable friend. Likes to party and is always there when you need her.
Ex: "Call Katie, she'll go out."

Definition #2: The name Katie is usually given to one who happens to be exceptionally well at pleasing their partner (oo la la). Katie's happen to be very good at making the opposite sex rather "turned on." One would regret not having been with a Katie.
Ex. "I want a girl like Katie, one who can turn me on and do a good f'ing job at it. mmmbaby!"

Definition #3: An absolutely gorgeous person. Someone who is so amazingly beautiful its almost physically impossible.
Ex. "That girl is so beautiful. She must be a Katie."

Definition #4 (are you puking yet? 'cause this is just too much fun for me!): A happy, friendly person who likes to be around friends and gives lots of hugs.
Ex. "She's such a Katie!"

Definition #5: The most beautiful, intelligent, wonderful girl. She is wise beyond her years. Her frienship means the world to me. She had dreams greater than anyone and I believe she can achieve them all. She's too good for the boys. If you're not her friend, you're missing out!
Ex. "There is no one who can compare to Katie."

Definition #6: A supah fly chick with a crazy life, usually enjoys parties.
Ex. "Damn! That girl is such a Katie!"

Definition #7: A common name used in America and Canada. It comes from the greek Katharos meaning 'pure". Short for several names such as Kathleen, Kathryn, Katherine, Catherine.
The first woman of record to have born the name was Saint Katherina who was put to death for her beliefs. The crusaders were evidently moved by her story because they carried news of St. Katherina back with them to Europe and began to name their daughters in her honor.

That last one kind of killed the mood but C'MON...the rest, right on the $$ :)

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