Friday, February 29, 2008

Fresh as a Newborn

A few weeks ago I asked my boyfriend, Jenner, what his favorite thing about me was (if you know me, this is a total normal question for me to ask on a pretty regular occasion.) His response?

"Your knowledge of pop culture."

Oddly enough, I wasn't offended that his answer was not "your brains", "your heart" or "your beauty" because I LOVE pop culture. In fact, I'm likely to blog about it. Since this is all new and shiny, I can't gaurentee anything (for all we know I could blog about cheese for three posts in a row) but seeing as how I can't go more than an hour without checking People or Perez you could put your allowance on it.

A little introduction for those of you who may not know me...I am a twenty-something girl living in the City of Sin, although it feels more like a small town than the glitz and glamour you would think it to be. I am blessed with great friends, a loving boyfriend and wonderful parents. Sienna Miller is my pride and joy. I live for Friday nights and Sunday mornings. I enjoy a good read and a good movie. I like pinot grigio, gouda cheese and wheat thins after a long day in the cube. I laugh. A lot. I sneeze like Gilbert Grape and I am trying to try new foods.

I would always rather be at the beach.

As previously mentioned...I am not sure what will come of this blog but I expect it to be a fun ride for all two of you who may be reading it on a regular basis (and I promise to keep the cheese blogging to a minimum.)


andiahart said...

Hey gurl, this is awesome, good for you! I looove cheese too and I'll read about it anytime, but I would like to see more about goat cheese, now thats the shit!

Chloe said...

You are the cutest Katie ever. So glad you've got the blog up and running and you know I will tune in every day. So fun! I will put a link to yours on mine so maybe you will get my 2 readers as well. :)

Pep said...

I love your blog, sweetie, but maybe when you post things like "Sienna Miller doesn't poop in her litter box", you should differentiate between your cat and the actress. LOL

Pep said...

....and don't freak out over the deleted was only me being a perfectionist.